Hydrafacial Treatment Mississauga

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This popular treatment uses cutting-edge technology to revitalize your skin, leaving you with a natural, youthful glow!

What does it do?

A Hydrafacial treatment can:

Which body parts can be treated?

This treatment is for the face and neck area only.

How does it work?

Our AquaPure Hydrafacial machine completes multiple steps in order to achieve that natural & healthy glow!

    1. Aqua Peel

Using 3 different solutions, nourishing ingredients are applied to the facial skin which softens impurities and helps clients obtain optimal clinical results. This Microdermabrasion Plus effect sets up additional skin rejuvenation processes.

    1. Electroporation

By delivering controlled stimulation to the skin through electric pulse, the permeability of cells is increased and the way is paved for additional treatment without irritating the skin.

    1. Microcurrent

Collagen reproduction is boosted by stimulating the deep muscles within the skin. The newly produced collagen will plump up the skin, smooth over wrinkles and leave your skin glowing!

    1. Cooling/ Heating

This vital final step will provide relief to hypersensitive areas after the treatment.


AquaPure Hydrafacial

By Cluederm

This highly advanced microdermabrasion treatment system is designed for skin rejuvenation. It uses a uniform spray control technology to eliminate dead skin cells, blackheads and skin debris simultaneously. Improvement of acne scars, collagen production stimulation, oxygen surfacing and increased blood circulation are also major benefits provided by Cluederm’s AquaPure Hydrafacial system.

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Treatment Results

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It rids your skin of dirt, grime and dead skin cells that have been building up over time.It has a mild peel which uses a 7% glycolic and/or 7% salicylic acid, which is followed with a hydration serum leaving the skin with a natural glow.

    This treatment has no side effects because it is incredibly gentle on your skin.

    No! This is not a painful or invasive procedure. However, some clients may feel uncomfortable but this varies based on your sensitivities.

    It is completely safe to do in the summer due to the mild peel used during the treatment.

    Pre-care: Refrain from using any chemical peels or having any laser treatments for at least 2 weeks before your session.

    Post-care: Please wear sunscreen when going in the sun and avoid using any exfoliating cleansers.

    No, this treatment does not use any lasers, the treatment uses different metal handles that cool or plump the skin.

    You can do this treatment every 3 weeks.

    The Hydrafacial can treat the face and neck area only.

    The treatment takes approximately 45-50 minutes.

    Yes! Since we use a mild peel, the treatment can be done and will improve your skin, even for people with sensitive skin. You may notice slight redness after the treatment, but it typically lasts for less than 30 minutes.

    Yes! It can help reduce mild acne and improve your overall skin texture and appearance.

    The results normally last 4-6 weeks. This depends on how you maintain your skin following the treatment. You should always be applying sunscreen and applying a good hydrating cream.

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